Solutions for Hedge Funds

Empowering hedge funds with fully integrated post-trade and data solutions engineered to scale their business while maintaining control of critical non-investment activities.

Systematize Your Most Complex Workflows with Modern, Scalable Infrastructure

Arcesium’s superior technology and market experience help you scale your investment operations with solutions designed to pare down costs and establish efficient workflows.

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Arcesium Data Platform

The Arcesium Data Platform empowers you to achieve a single source of truth. Built, refined, and production-tested over many years, our platform is designed to enrich your foundational data, clearing the way for you to make vital business decisions with confidence.

Solutions for Hedge Funds

Our professionals design solutions for hedge funds based on their first-hand knowledge of the industry. Given our hedge fund roots, we appreciate the agility and precision necessary for you to compete in today’s complex and highly regulated marketplace.

Adaptable Technology to Create a Harmonized Data Fabric

Build enriched, unified data sets with the Arcesium Data Platform – our architecture extends across your front, middle, and back office, providing confidence in your data across the investment lifecycle. Acting as a centralized hub, our cloud-based technology provides on-demand access to high-quality datasets that equip hedge funds with a deeper level of understanding and delivers a single source of truth.

Seamless Integration

Support any asset class in real-time through our robust APIs, searchable user interface, or Snowflake Data Cloud technology.

High-Quality Data at Scale

Benefit from an automated system that identifies, flags, and resolves data anomalies by performing thousands of tests, highlighting exceptions for review, and providing additional context to support resolution.

Convert Data into Insight

Aggregate, organize, and store massive amounts of data from disparate sources to support daily workflows, one-off analyses, and visualization and reporting needs.

Accelerated Analytics & Reporting

Swiftly analyze live and historical data, uncover new insights, and confidently support evolving regulatory and internal reporting requirements.

Maximize the Value of Your Investment Data

Capture a complete view of books and records and gain insight from multiple dimensions of P&L with this scalable solution designed to support high volume, multi-asset portfolios.

Holistic View

Track key non-trade activity to create a true, universal book of record.

Intelligent Analyses of Performance

Insight from multiple dimensions of P&L, available simultaneously and throughout the day, applicable to numerous customized parameters.

Accuracy, Efficiency, & Complexity

Support for the most complex multi-asset, multi-currency portfolios throughout the full range of investment lifecycle events.

Model the Most Complex Entity Relationships

Centralize all portfolio and investor accounting activities in one place. PerformA is a performance allocation toolkit designed to model various fund and investor class structures, track allocations down to the investor level, and automate complex management and incentive fee calculations.

Reduce Risk & Save Time

Automate complicated workflows and complex calculations in order to focus on higher-level analysis.

Investor Level Reporting & Returns

Unlock additional accessibility and transparency into key information, such as your performance indicators and capital ownerships.

Advanced Accounting Support

Accurately track sophisticated P&L allocations and complex structures across all fund types in a controlled, auditable system.

Unlock Insights with Systematic Access to Data

Easily integrate data between Arcesium modules and external systems, eliminating time-consuming, manual data entry.

Ensure Accuracy at Scale Across All Asset Classes

Reduce operational risk and improve business control with our Reconciliation solution. The technology is engineered to enhance data accuracy, transparency, and accessibility and support complex asset classes at scale. Hedge fund managers benefit from real-time insights and auditable workflows across the investment lifecycle.

Domain-Aware Logic​​

Parse, normalize, and match data with our proprietary logic, established through millions of transactions across hundreds of asset classes.

Transparent, Live Access to Data

Benefit from Arcesium-managed counterparty connectivity and access your data programmatically via API or the user interface.

Data-Driven Insights & Reporting

Enhance your decision-making ability with granular data analysis, key metrics, and metadata reports.

Improved Operational Productivity & Efficiency

Leverage sophisticated machine-learning models to auto-populate and auto-recommend actions based on reason code.

Transform Complex Workflows

Simplify your post-trade derivatives lifecycle and support your swaps portfolio with a modern solution delivering adaptable, highly automated modeling of swap activities. Our modern solution adapts as volumes increase, new structures are traded, and esoteric counterparty terms are added.

Create Efficiencies & Reduce Risks

Focus on oversight to gain insight and unlock high-value opportunities on the trade and portfolio level.

Direct Access to Data

View real-time, intraday, and T+1 trade data to ensure accuracy and efficiency in downstream workflows.

Automate the Post-Trade Lifecycle

Free up your team to work on higher value-adding activities by refining complicated downstream workflows, such as independent margin calculations, automated resets, and multi-dimensional P&L attribution.

Maximize Capital Efficiency, Enhance Returns, & Minimize Risk

Revolutionize your treasury management workflows with a superior decision-making toolkit. This comprehensive “house view” of complex margin and financing agreements is designed to help hedge funds effectively manage exposure and funding sources, supervise counterparties, and evaluate yield enhancement opportunities.

Optimize Cash & Asset-Based Debit Financing

Verify accuracy with independent financing calculators that compute interest accruals for asset-based debit financing and cross-currency surplus balances.

Manage Securities Lending & Rate Renegotiations

Process rate and availability files from your counterparties and calculate the impact against your positions on a daily basis.

Improve Multi-Asset Collateral Allocation

Configure unique models to fully replicate the individually negotiated terms for each prime broker and counterparty agreement.


Oversee & Manage Counterparties

View counterparty exposure from the parent level down to the legal entity and agreement level.

Achieve & Maintain UMR Compliance

Seamlessly incorporate new SIMM calculations, CRIF file creation, and two-way reconciliation workflows into day-to-day treasury activities.

Engage Our Expert Professionals for a Head Start

Increase your efficiency and operate at greater scale with a suite of services co- or fully-managed by Arcesium. Complementing our technology are global teams of Financial Operations professionals available to work in unison with your organization in a simple, secure, and transparent environment.

Uniquely Designed Solution

Define your own thresholds and configure your service agreements to create a complete, well-organized solution for your business.

Centralized Workflows

Access real-time status updates and benefit from the combined expertise of our Financial Operations professionals, who work with clients as a virtual extension of their in-house teams.

Superior Knowledge & Expertise

Benefit from the experience of our dedicated teams of accounting, operations, treasury, and data management professionals.

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