A Technology-Enabled Foundation for Hedge Funds

Case Study

Case Study Highlights

Unified Data

A singular, data-driven source of data across business infrastructure

Sophisticated Workflows

Data-first solutions to establish efficient workflows and pare down costs

Enhanced Transparency

Clarity across the entire investment lifecycle allows teams to use data as an asset

Systematized Complex Activities

Streamlined processes enable teams to focus on front-office initiatives

A market use case on how Arcesium’s capabilities enable hedge fund managers to strategically use data in their decision-making.


As hedge funds work to raise capital, find alpha, and deliver superior risk-adjusted returns, managers want the flexibility to develop fresh strategies for growth. Yet dated systems and cumbersome workflows often inhibit efficiency. Multiple service providers also make it difficult to manage data – an essential factor that empowers managers to take command of their business.


Engineered to power hedge funds’ end-to-end investment lifecycle, the inherent out-of-the-box awareness of our data platform spans asset classes, lifecycle events, and geographies enabling managers to streamline technology, boost analytics and reporting, and convert data into insight.


To help hedge fund managers create a technology-enabled foundation, we designed our platform with industry-specific capabilities that unite disparate datasets and allow managers to quickly make sense of their data in real time.

With Arcesium’s data-first approach, we help hedge fund managers:

  • Scale operations and focus on core strengths
  • Systemize complex activities and reduce costs
  • Use data as an asset to nimbly capitalize on new opportunities

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