Aquata Data Platform

Arcesium’s Aquata® delivers solutions engineered to empower financial services firms to integrate data and decision-making tools into the core of their organization. Aquata’s cloud-native technology and services are designed to enable your firm to ingest, validate, harmonize, analyze, and distribute data across its portfolio of investments, funds, and investors.

Change the Way You See Your Data

The self-service integration and analytics tools in our data platform allow your organization to derive insights from new sources, types, and data formats. Purpose-built for financial services, Aquata is developed to provide a synchronized source of information for all funds, asset classes, and datasets to power business operations, drive insightful decision-making, and variabilize costs. Aquata serves as the foundation of your firm’s data strategy and allows firms to improve their data analytics capabilities.

Connect Multiple Data Points
Easily integrate data from spreadsheets, accounting, portfolio monitoring, CRM, treasury, and other applications or third parties, including fund administrators, loan agents, portfolio companies, and counterparties.
Oversee Multiple Books of Record and Administrators
Ingest and normalize disparate datasets from internal investment, accounting, and investor books of record with third-party fund administrators and agents for reporting, oversight, analysis, and anomaly detection.
Organize Disparate Information
Use Arcesium’s proprietary data pipelines and models designed to generate an accurate, single source of truth for fund entities, investments, portfolio companies, and investors.
Cleanse and Enrich Data
Turn raw data into reliable information by leveraging Arcesium's data quality and exception flagging tools and extensible data model.

Aquata Brings Clarity To Complex Data

Arcesium’s Aquata empowers financial institutions to make critical decisions from a stronger data management foundation. Our capabilities and experienced professionals help you integrate and harmonize data from the front to the back office, streamline workflows, and discover data-driven insights to drive revenue and scale. Whether you rely on our advanced data platform as a comprehensive solution or as part of your broader ecosystem, we built our flexible technology to meet you where you are in your data journey and enable your business to grow without constraint

Key Differentiators

Comprehensive, purpose-built platform for capital management and investment lifecycle
Support across all asset classes and geographies
Feature-complete platform removes requirement to license and integrate multiple tools
Accelerated time to market with pre-built industry connectivity
Cloud-based and built for scale; largest deployment processes 10m+ API calls per day

For Institutional Asset Managers

As firms explore new strategies, manage expansion, and increase M&A activity to build scale and diversify products, Arcesium partners with asset managers to turn inefficient, ad-hoc systems into a contemporary solution that drives agility. Our unified data platform’s inherent, out-of-the-box awareness spans asset classes, lifecycle events, and geographies to help modernize and scale operations, accelerate analytics and reporting, and deliver in-depth business insights.

Enterprise-Wide Data Solution

Consolidate legacy and third-party technology into a data-first infrastructure that enables you to automate processes, streamline workflows, manage multiple asset classes, and service internal stakeholders.

Seamless Integration

Benefit from best-in-class data ingress and egress capabilities, a robust data quality framework, and bi-temporal features to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and market data vendors.

Harmonized Data Model

Ingest structured data from any source, run quality checks, and normalize information. With  a golden source of truth, you can swiftly collaborate, adjust investment strategies in real time, and use the value of your data to set your business apart.

Robust Data Stewardship

Using our quality and exception flagging tools, access high-quality data that is consistent, transparent, auditable, and readily available for use in informed investment decisions.

Power Analytics and Reporting

Support various analytical and reporting needs via our custom-built, cross-asset platform, including public and private dashboards for exposure, performance, attribution, and risk.

Automate Document Generation

Configure data sources, self-build reusable templates, and seamlessly generate client reporting. Dynamic Document Studio empowers you to standardize and scale report generation and distribution without developer resources.

Cleanse and Enrich Data

Turn data into trusted information using Aquata's powerful data quality and exception flagging tools and extensible data model.

Extensively Track Data Lineage

Leverage robust bi-temporal data stored in Aquata to track and audit changes.


Do you support data lineage? 

Yes, the Aquata platform fully supports data lineage. This feature allows users to trace the data’s origin, track its movement, and understand the transformations it undergoes within the platform. This capability is essential for ensuring transparency and accountability in data management, providing users with a clear and detailed view of their data’s lifecycle.

Do you have audit capabilities?

Yes, Aquata is equipped with robust audit capabilities through its use of a bi-temporal database model. This model not only captures the entire history of a data record but also records the time at which each change was recorded. This feature, crucial for compliance and historical analysis, allows organizations to query and report on data at any point in its history and understand its evolution over time.

Do you have self-service API access?

Yes, Aquata provides self-service API access, including additional egress mechanisms through DataShare and a powerful Query Engine. These features empower users to access and manipulate data autonomously, facilitating a more agile and responsive data management environment. Users can integrate Aquata seamlessly with their existing systems and workflows, enhancing their ability to derive value from their data.

Is the data model flexible?

Yes, the data model within Aquata is highly flexible. It comes with a predefined model that can be easily extended through unlimited user-defined fields. Additionally, the platform supports the self-service ability to create your own models and custom schemas. This flexibility allows users to tailor the data model to fit their specific needs and requirements, providing a customizable framework that adapts to evolving business landscapes.

Discover the difference Arcesium can make for your business

Arcesium’s technology is designed by industry professionals, built to streamline your processes, enhance data accuracy, and empower your business decisions. Unlock the full potential of your investment operations and set a new standard for efficiency and growth in the investment industry.