Financial Data Stack

Arcesium’s highly configurable enterprise and reference data solutions are engineered to help you master, integrate, and scale data across regions, currencies, and asset classes. Used independently or coupled together, our Financial Data Stack is designed to enable you to achieve differentiated business outcomes.

Configurable Technology Built for Scale

Financial Data Stack is designed to capture, clean, logically organize, and distribute foundational data from a single source of truth, allowing you to make vital business decisions with confidence.

Empowering the Financial Services Industry

With tools for mastering, storing, and distributing investment reference and transactional data, Financial Data Stack intelligently supports the broadest array of asset classes, across any region and currency, at unparalleled volumes.

For Institutional Asset Managers

Our Financial Data Stack architecture extends across your front, middle, and back office, giving you confidence in your data and allowing you to focus on deepening your client relationships.

Master Critical Datasets

Master securities, price, positions, and corporate actions data for investment operations by aggregating, cleansing, and organizing referential data from multiple systems and sources.

Seamless Integration

Support any asset class in real time through our robust APIs, searchable user interface, and via mechanisms such as Snowflake Data Share.

High-Quality Data at Scale

Benefit from an automated system that identifies, flags, and resolves data anomalies by performing thousands of tests, highlighting exceptions for review, and providing additional context to support resolution.

Analytics & Reporting

Swiftly analyze live and historical referential data for issue resolution, operational and data workflows, and internal reporting.

Automate Document Generation

Self-configure data sources and build reusable templates to seamlessly generate reporting. Dynamic Document Studio empowers you to standardize and scale report production and distribution without developer resources.

Clean Data in One Centralized Source

The ability to scale your operations and access data in real-time helps you mitigate risk and fulfill compliance requirements and fiduciary duties. Cloud-native and proven at scale, Arcesium Data Platform is developed to easily connect to both internal and external technology systems to communicate accurate data across your entire ecosystem.

Integrated Systems

Highly configurable tools are easily integrated with each other and with external systems to create a single source of truth.

Customizable Modules

Modules are tailored to your unique needs quickly and easily via pre-built adaptors for seamless on-boarding.

Improved Workflows

Seamless data access, supplemented with visualization tools, allow you to view and analyze your information with a fresh perspective.

Sophisticated Pricing Hierarchies

Leverage pre-built adaptors to major third party market data sources at the firm or portfolio level to support complex valuation policies.

Data Accessibility & Scalability

Access a single source of truth throughout all your systems, scalable to tens of millions of data points, in real time.

Proven at Scale


Security master records, organized by universe and linked by issuer


Portfolio Reference Data Structures


Market Data Vendors


distinct counterparties


trade records processed daily


transactions per month


markets across 60+ countries


years of data history

Discover the difference Arcesium can make for your business

Arcesium’s technology is designed by industry professionals, built to streamline your processes, enhance data accuracy, and empower your business decisions. Unlock the full potential of your investment operations and set a new standard for efficiency and growth in the investment industry.