A Unified Data Platform.

Powerful Domain-Aware Capabilities.

Transformative Business Outcomes.

Take Command with Arcesium Technology.

A New and Better Way. Arcesium’s scalable, cloud-native solutions are unparalleled in the investments industry. We help clients accelerate their data strategy, modernize their operating model, systematize their most complex activities, and unlock opportunities for growth.

Don’t let legacy systems hold you back. Think beyond.

Arcesium’s innovative solutions drive your business to the next level, leaving inefficient systems and siloed platforms behind.


Arcesium partners with you to design architecture and operating models that address your unique business needs.

Future-Proof Your Enterprise

Arcesium helps you scale smartly and evolve efficiently with our innovative solutions.

Embrace Complexity with Confidence

Leverage our deep expertise, unified data platform, and domain-aware capabilities to convert complexity into actionable intelligence.

Institutional Asset Managers

Amidst increasing competition and regulation, we provide the tools you need to manage operational risk, engage with investors more effectively, drive profitability, and bolster portfolio management.

Hedge Funds

Designed to systematize the most complex tasks, our solutions promote efficiency and control by allowing some of the world’s most sophisticated investment managers to maintain complete oversight of all underlying workflows.

Private Markets Investors

Designed to give you a unified data fabric across multiple private market asset classes, and public and private portfolios to support managerial, LP, regulatory, and ESG data, reporting, and analytical needs.

Asset Servicers & Fund Administrators

Empower your staff to become more client-centric by centralizing and automating core activities in a thoroughly modern, scalable platform.

Capital Markets & Prime Brokers

Oversee client activity and holdings across public, private, and structured products, derivatives, and digital assets with a platform designed to aggregate and normalize data across all your systems. Optimize client financing, leverage, derivative exposure, and entity allocation most effectively in your complex, highly regulated marketplace.

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