Data Management for Hedge Funds

Empowering hedge funds with fully integrated post-trade and data solutions engineered to scale their business while maintaining control of critical non-investment activities.

Streamline Complex Workflows with a Modern, Scalable Infrastructure

Prepare to scale your investment operations, future-proof your middle and back office against asset classes and strategies, and enable multi-manager models with Arcesium solutions designed to pare down costs and establish efficient workflows.

Solutions for Hedge Funds

Arcesium professionals build solutions for hedge funds based on their first-hand knowledge of the industry. Given our hedge fund roots, we appreciate the agility and precision necessary for you to compete in today’s complex and highly regulated marketplace.

Arcesium’s data-first technology

Financial Data Stack

The highly configurable features of Arcesium’s Financial Data Stack are engineered to help master, integrate, and scale data across regions, currencies, and asset classes. Capture, clean, logically organize, and distribute foundational data from a single source of truth, empowering your organization to make vital business decisions with confidence.

Unified Security Management

Streamline your operations with a single security master that consolidates essential information across multiple systems, enhancing data consistency and accessibility.

Consolidated Holdings View

Overcome the complexity of multi-asset management with a unified view of holdings, simplifying operations and reducing the need for manual interventions in transaction settlements.

Centralized Data Integration

Arcesium acts as a central hub, integrating data from various systems and vendors, ensuring data quality, and establishing a trusted, single source of truth for all your security and pricing information.

Enhanced Trade Settlement Efficiency

Stay ahead of regulatory changes like the T+1 Settlement regulation. Arcesium simplifies the trade settlement cycle and supports financial operations under increased pressure.

A Technology-Enabled Foundation For Hedge Funds

As hedge funds work to raise capital, find alpha, and deliver superior risk-adjusted returns, managers want the flexibility to develop fresh strategies for growth. Yet dated systems and cumbersome workflows often inhibit efficiency with multiple service providers making it difficult to manage data.

In today’s market, modern data systems that minimize customization and establish better connectivity with third parties are key to staying agile. Custom solutions that enable fund managers to quickly pivot to new strategies, build scale, react to regulatory changes, and concentrate on their core mandates are critical.

Hedge Fund FAQs

Does Arcesium offer reporting capabilities?

Yes, our Report Manager enables you to customize and create reports effortlessly with just a few clicks.

Are APIs available from Arcesium?

Absolutely. Arcesium's platform is designed API-first, ensuring comprehensive accessibility through RESTful APIs available in Java, C#, and Python.

What audit capabilities does your platform have?

Our platform utilizes a bitemporal database model to provide a robust audit trail. This model captures both knowledge dates and effective dates, offering detailed insights across two time horizons.

Can the data model in Arcesium be extended?

Yes, you can add unlimited user-defined fields to our platform. These fields are fully integrated and immediately available for search, filter, and API access.

What does Arcesium’s backend architecture look like?

Our architecture is delivered via AWS, featuring a private client pod hosted in various regions, secured in your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) that is fully encrypted. It includes comprehensive authorization and authentication schemas, including SSO.

Who manages operations on the Arcesium platform?

Operations can be managed either by your team or our Financial Operations (FinOp) experts, depending on your preference.

Where should a new client start with Arcesium?

Starting with the Financial Data Stack (FDS) is highly recommended as it provides significant control over your portfolio data and serves as an essential building block for extending to other platform services.

Does Arcesium compete with fund administrators?

No, we do not serve as a fund administrator. Instead, we provide advanced technology solutions that complement the services of fund administrators, with many buy-side clients using our platform to enhance their administrative capabilities.

What self-service options does Arcesium offer?

Arcesium offers extensive self-service capabilities across our platform and are continually enhancing these options. Creating user-defined fields (UDFs) via self-service is not available yet.

Discover the difference Arcesium can make for your business

Arcesium’s technology is designed by industry professionals, built to streamline your processes, enhance data accuracy, and empower your business decisions. Unlock the full potential of your investment operations and set a new standard for efficiency and growth in the investment industry.