Performance & Investor Allocations

Arcesium’s waterfall, special-purpose vehicle accounting, and performance allocations toolset, PerformA®, is designed to simplify the investor accounting process and reduce the risks, costs, and manual errors associated with spreadsheet-based fund accounting.

Streamline Investor Accounting with a Simple, Single Platform

PerformA is a controlled, auditable system developed to seamlessly integrate into any technology environment. Engineered to provide transparency into your data at a very granular level, PerformA offers configurable tools to define and calculate performance allocations and to track investor liquidity and returns.

Empowering the Financial Services Industry

A sophisticated resource for advanced fund accounting, complex entity structure modeling, and automated investor allocation capabilities, PerformA is tailored to support performance allocations across different segments in the financial services industry.

For Hedge Funds

Performing complex allocations within spreadsheets is a common challenge facing hedge fund managers. The process can be tedious, ineffective, and prone to error. PerformA automates these workflows and calculations so that you can shift your focus to advanced analysis.

Reduce Risk & Save Time

Model various fund and investor class structures and automate complex management and incentive fee calculations to provide control and transparency in your investor accounting processes.

Investor Level Reporting & Returns

Unlock additional accessibility and transparency into key information, such as your performance indicators and capital ownerships.

Advanced Accounting Support

Accurately track sophisticated P&L allocations and complex structures across all fund types in a controlled, auditable system.

Unlock Insights with Systematic Access to Data

Easily integrate data between Arcesium modules and external systems, eliminating time-consuming, manual data entry.

Automate Performance & Analyses Generation

Self-customize reusable templates and data sources to seamlessly generate fund performance, capital activity, and investor allocation reporting. Dynamic Document Studio's near zero-touch and automation capabilities empower users to automate and scale client and management fund communication.

Centralize & Automate Performance Allocations

PerformA is engineered to automate the end-to-end process of your fund and investor allocations.

Overcome Complexity with Confidence

Reporting an incorrect NAV can introduce reputational risk and erode investor confidence. Configure custom allocation rules and fee methodologies to centralize tracking of all accounting activities, empowering you with accurate data so you can act with confidence.

Data Accessibility & Transparency

Directly access datasets and visualization tools to analyze investor balances independently, allowing you to unlock additional insights and allocate time towards higher value activities.

Financial Operations Services

Reduce the burden on your portfolio and investor accounting teams by leveraging Arcesium’s highly flexible services. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in the operational knowledge necessary to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your investor accounting workflows.

Automate Powerful Reporting

Integrate with Dynamic Document Studio’s near-zero touch data sourcing and self-service template building capabilities to seamlessly generate intricate performance allocation and investor analyses.

Discover the difference Arcesium can make for your business

Arcesium’s technology is designed by industry professionals, built to streamline your processes, enhance data accuracy, and empower your business decisions. Unlock the full potential of your investment operations and set a new standard for efficiency and growth in the investment industry.