Aquata Data Platform

Arcesium’s data platform is designed to help you make critical decisions from a synchronized source of data. Purpose-built for the investments industry, Aquata™ serves as the foundation fundamental to creating differentiated outcomes. Symbolizing its fluidity, Aquata is engineered to ingest, validate, harmonize, and distribute investment lifecycle data to elevate the collaboration, control, and trust in data across all levels of your organization.

Change the Way You See Your Data

Robust data modeling capabilities and connectivity to counterparties, administrators, and other service providers are built to help data move fluidly across your organization without constraint. Our data platform is engineered to help your firm make more insightful decisions, strengthen reporting and analytics, and simplify operations – from one unified source.

Empowering the Financial Services Industry

With tools for organizing information across multiple systems, vendors, and sources, Aquata is designed to extract value from data without replacing existing systems or disrupting your current operating environment. Strengthen your data foundation with our highly configurable SaaS platform developed to easily integrate with your entire technology ecosystem.

For Institutional Asset Managers

Our purpose-built data platform is engineered to provide institutional asset managers with data-centric tools that ingest, integrate, and validate investment lifecycle data. Named for its fluidity, openness, and strength in quantifying data, Arcesium’s Aquata is built to elevate collaboration, control, and trust in data across all levels of an organization.

Seamless Integration

Benefit from best-in-class data ingress and egress capabilities, a robust data quality framework, and bi-temporal features to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and market data vendors.


Cleanse and Enrich Data

Turn data into trusted information using Aquata's powerful data quality and exception flagging tools and extensible data model.

Power Analytics and Reporting

Support various analytical and reporting needs via our custom-built, cross-asset platform, including public and private dashboards for exposure, performance, attribution, and risk.


Extensive Data Lineage Tracking

Leverage robust bi-temporal data stored in Aquata to track and audit changes.

Unified Data in One Centralized Source

Connecting disparate data sources from multiple vendors and technology platforms, and implementing a single place to aggregate this data, is a pressing need for institutional asset managers. Cloud-native and proven at scale, Arcesium’s Aquata is custom built to easily integrate with your internal and external technology systems and third-party data vendors, and accurately communicate data across your entire ecosystem.


Organized Data from Disparate Sources

Aggregate, organize, and store massive amounts of data from disparate sources to support daily workflows, one-off analyses, and visualization and reporting needs.


Historical Data Management

Manage multi-year historical data with bi-temporal models for investments, including third-party vendor information, with greater efficiency and efficacy.


Integrated with Third-Party Vendors

Simplify integration with third-party vendors using Aquata’s self-service integration pipelines, data quality services, and out-of-the-box data models for performance, risk, GIPS, or ESG.


Public and Private Investment Data Integration

Consolidate public, private, and cross-asset investment data across businesses in a customizable, out-of-the-box dashboard for an aggregated view of positions, exposure, performance and risk, as well as support for various reporting needs.

Accelerated and Simplified Reporting

Leverage self-service tools for monthly or quarterly client reporting, internal reporting such as performance, risk, and trade operations, and regulatory reporting such as forms and ESG reporting.


Connect with Arcesium’s Operational Platform

Seamlessly integrate external data with Arcesium’s operational platforms, such as Security Master, Price Master, and Position Master, when necessary.

For Private Markets Investors

Arcesium’s Aquata is engineered to empower you to achieve a synchronized source of data by providing the foundation to ingest, cleanse, aggregate, and normalize unlimited datasets. Supporting investors and fund managers across private equity, private credit, real estate, and infrastructure, our technology is built to enable you to use the full value of your data. We complement our flexible platform with powerful reporting and analytics tools to deliver a comprehensive data solution that supports all of your business needs.

High-Quality Data at Scale

Benefit from an automated system that identifies, flags, and helps resolve data anomalies by performing countless tests, highlighting exceptions for review, and providing additional context to support resolution.

Convert Data into Insight

Aggregate, organize, and store massive amounts of data from disparate sources to support daily workflows, one-off analyses, and visualization and reporting needs.


Purpose-Built for Private Markets

Leverage a domain-aware data model specialized in alternative investments to understand all aspects of your investment lifecycle.

Accelerated Analytics & Reporting

Swiftly analyze live and historical data, uncover new insights, and confidently support evolving managerial, regulatory, ESG, and client reporting requirements.

Control Your Organization’s Growth and Better Manage Data

In the rapidly expanding private markets, ingesting, validating, and harmonizing data in a quick, scalable way is vital to support client requests, report to senior management, comply with regulatory requirements, and meet the needs of your business teams. Aquata is purpose-built for private markets seeking to create digital transformation.

Unified & Enriched Datasets

Connect and organize information spread across systems, spreadsheets, fund administrators, third parties, and other data sources by leveraging Arcesium’s proprietary data pipelines.

Stronger Data Foundation

Attain a robust data platform that consolidates information from across your organizations’ funds, legal entities, investments, portfolio companies, investors, and all other relevant datasets.

Holistic View

Gain transparency into your firms’ investments across multiple asset classes, fund products, and distribution channels and avoid inconsistency with customized views that oversee all aspects of your organization’s data.

Support for Multiple Business Use-Cases

Aquata provides out-of-the-box solutions for key private markets business use-cases such as conducting NAV oversight, tracking fund performance, or creating client-specific tear sheets.


Ad-Hoc Reporting

Aquata provides business intelligence tools for on-the-spot custom reporting, with features such as charting, drill down, computation for financial metrics, and more.

Arcesium Launches AquataTM,
an Advanced Data Platform Purpose-Built for the Investments Industry

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