Five Takeaways on Optimizing Your Data Management Infrastructure

May 27, 2022
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Data Management

At this year’s Fund Operator Summit North America held by Clear Path Analysis, Arcesium hosted a roundtable seminar on “Harnessing Insights and Innovation Through an Optimized Data Management Infrastructure.” The active and thoughtful conversations from industry colleagues throughout the day helped sharpen our understanding of prospect and client pain points and where Arcesium can help create transformative business outcomes.

Front-, middle-, and back-office leaders from across the asset management industry shared their challenges, best practices, and what they’re doing to improve efficiency.

Our Five Key Takeaways:

  • 1.Build a Solid Data Foundation
  • 2.Institutional asset managers seem to agree that an optimized data management infrastructure is no longer considered a nice to have but something that’s critical to success. To make quicker and more innovative investment decisions, create competitive advantages, and better serve clients, investment managers must have a solid data foundation.
  • 3.Data Quality Is Paramount
  • 4.One of the most important aspects of an optimized infrastructure is the quality of data running through it. Without clean, consistent, and accurate datasets accessible to users across the enterprise, technology can only take you so far. Access to high-quality data clears the way for asset managers to make vital decisions with confidence.
  • 5.Interoperability Starts with a Wide-Angle Lens
  • 6.Institutions are most effective when they take an enterprise-wide perspective. Our industry colleagues agreed that institutions can achieve a higher state of interoperability when they remove siloes between the front, middle, and back office so that data flows in a consistent and frictionless manner throughout their business.
  • 7.External Partners Play a Key Role
  • 8.Now more than ever, financial institutions seem to be more inclined to look externally for vendor partnerships. Institutions can build a proper data-driven infrastructure by working with a technology partner and leveraging their technology, subject-matter expertise, and domain-aware solutions. Managing data is an ever-evolving journey that constantly changes direction, takes on new forms, and pushes organizations to be more innovative. Institutions are placing an even heavier emphasis on finding the right partners, technology, and expertise that help them adapt to the complexity and volatility of the markets – both today and tomorrow.
  • 9.ESG Is a Priority
  • 10.Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) continues to be a major topic on the minds of asset managers. As US-based institutions play catchup to European institutions leading the way on the ESG front, integrating ESG-conscious approaches across the investment process has become a major priority.

How Arcesium Can Help

Our comprehensive data platform helps institutional asset managers leverage diverse data and analysis for investment decisions while maintaining automated, scalable middle- to back-office operations. Arcesium’s capabilities and experienced professionals help clients harmonize data, streamline business workflows, and discover data-driven insights to drive revenue and retention.

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Matt WeismanVice President of Business Development, Arcesium

Matt is Vice President of Business Development at Arcesium. In this role, Matt is responsible for working closely with clients and prospects to solve complex business challenges, while helping them streamline their investment operations and data management functions.

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