Build, Buy, Partner: A Framework for Optimizing Time to Value for Data Initiatives


The decision to build, buy, or partner is pivotal in navigating the complexities of data and technology initiatives.

It’s imperative for leadership to establish a robust framework that carefully weighs the advantages and drawbacks of each approach. This strategic decision-making process is essential for optimizing resource allocation and ensuring scalability. A thoughtful framework also propels the organization toward its overarching goals and enables it to focus on developing and maintaining competitive advantages.

Historically, build or buy were the only options. However, the development of software-as-a-service models and maturing population of service providers have made partnering a viable option for a broader variety of requirements across the investment lifecycle.

Our ebook explores a series of considerations to contemplate whether you’re embarking on a new initiative or re-evaluating your existing framework:

  • Optimizing the time to value of your data
  • Evaluating your build, buy, partner options
  • When to consider each option
  • Partner evaluation framework
  • What’s the verdict: Build, buy, or partner?

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