Transforming Investment Management: The Urgency to Modernize Platforms


Institutional asset managers are searching for fresh solutions to negotiate an investment environment shaped by economic uncertainty, geopolitical tensions, and persistent pressure on their business models.

Arcesium’s recent proprietary survey of investment data management professionals puts a spotlight on the industry’s challenges. In a series of double-blind surveys, we explored the priority initiatives, barriers, and decision-making criteria for operations, data, and technology leaders at institutional asset management firms. Survey respondents told us about expensive and dated systems, manual and inefficient processes, the need to handle growth and better support client needs, and systems that make their firms vulnerable to reputational and legacy risk.

Leading institutions seeking to overcome strains on investment performance, fees, and costs are increasingly looking at opportunities to transform traditional business models. First, though, they must overcome the limitations of their legacy technology. Shifting to a cloud-based data management system is the obvious pathway for many, but the lack of resources and expertise can make migration challenging.

In collaboration with A-Teams Group, our latest whitepaper explores the benefits of working with a trusted partner to gain the flexibility, scalability, and data integration capabilities asset managers require to improve business performance and reduce operating costs.

The whitepaper will:

  • Evaluate the pressures prompting institutional asset managers to reconsider their data management strategies.
  • Explain why asset managers’ legacy systems are ill-suited to meet the data demands of modern financial institutions.
  • Detail what “good” should look like in a data platform.

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