The Great Reboot: Why Private Equity Is Finally Turning to Technology


New research explores the increasing use of technology and data among 50 private equity industry stakeholders.

Conducted in May and June 2022, a Private Equity Wire survey supported by Arcesium reveals firms are shifting their mindset as they seek to add value to their investments.

Moving beyond Excel spreadsheets and human insight, PE fund managers are using AI-powered tools, algorithms, and prediction models. By supplementing more traditional data collection, firms can provide estimates for financial health and revenue growth at target and portfolio companies.

The report explores how fund managers are working to unearth insights from data held in disparate sources and responding to demands for operational efficiencies and pressure from LPs to thrive in this new environment.

Key insights include:

  • Managers’ increasing use of analytics and software solutions
  • The growth in middle- and front-office support for data and technology
  • Strategic priorities for private equity firms

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