ArVision Quarterly Newsletter: Managing the Impact of Asset Class Convergence

June 12, 2023

As investment managers expand beyond traditional industry boundaries, many organizations underestimate the consequences of asset class convergence.

Firms are increasingly turning to multi-asset class strategies to achieve higher returns and sustain positive long-term growth. Yet, our observations reveal an intriguing trend: institutional asset managers, private markets investors, and hedge funds are not prepared to manage the repercussions of asset class convergence as they reshape their product portfolios.

Arcesium’s ArVision Quarterly Newsletter explores valuable insights on data, innovation, and industry trends. In this first edition, our professionals share their perspectives on the data, convergence, and technology trends driving intelligent decision-making in the investments space.

Key insights include:

  • How institutional asset managers are navigating data and convergence
  • The data challenges private market investors face with cross-asset convergence
  • Four leading convergence trends for hedge funds
  • The role of machine learning in driving convergence innovation
  • A special interview with Brad Klaas, C-Suite Advisor to Institutional Asset Managers and the Founder & COO of Digital Ledger Protocol, on a data-first approach to conquering convergence

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