The Secret to Empowering Data-Hungry Talent


Many investment firms are aware that a lack of technical talent impedes growth. They also understand that attracting and retaining investment, operations, and technology talent is increasingly difficult; yet it remains a top priority. There is, however, a shortage of relevant skills in today’s competitive job market with many organizations struggling to find candidates with the right combination of technical aptitude, domain expertise, and business acumen. Cultural barriers and resistance to change can hinder a firm’s ability to attract talent.  

All else equal in terms of market compensation, candidates are indexing on the inputs and tools that will be integral to their day-to-day workflows and responsibilities. Enabling your employees with the right set of tools ultimately breeds collaboration, self-sufficiency, and scalability. 

Our ebook discusses a number of factors tech leaders can consider for empowering data talent with technology: 

  • Modern Infrastructure and Technology Stack 
  • Democratizing Data Accessibility 
  • Data Diagnosability with Bitemporality 
  • Empowering Talent to Analyze, Aggregate, and Build Efficiently 

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