Arcesium Launches AquataTM, an Advanced Data Platform Purpose-Built for the Investments Industry

April 6, 2023
Press Release

Financial Services Firms Can Swiftly Integrate and Validate Data and Run Powerful Analytics and Reporting for Deeper Insights

NEW YORK – Arcesium, a leading global financial technology firm, announced today the launch of Aquata®, a powerful out-of-the-box data platform. Aquata is engineered to empower various client types, including institutional asset managers, private markets investors, custodians, fund administrators, prime brokers, and hedge funds, to effortlessly access and manage their investment data. With Aquata’s thousands of pre-built data models and connectors, combined with its capacity to handle hundreds of millions of daily records, firms can swiftly integrate and validate data, perform advanced analytics and reporting, and accelerate their time to market.

Aquata offers sophisticated features designed to enable users to ingest data in multiple formats, such as structured, semi-structured, and unstructured, then aggregate and normalize their data, and store that information in a data lake or warehouse. With its comprehensive quality checks, ingestion and mapping, cataloging, and lineage capabilities, firms can leverage their data effectively to make well-informed investment decisions.

Arcesium’s flexible consumption-based pricing model allows clients to initiate small, targeted projects or expand data integration and analysis per their requirements. The unique model enables prompt use of the data platform, with payment only for used services, delivering cost control and scalability benefits.

Many of Arcesium’s strategic clients are already using Aquata at launch to accelerate data integration and analytics across the investment lifecycle.

“With self-service and low-code features and data visualization capabilities, Aquata is a game-changer that helps investment managers make data-driven decisions with greater speed and accuracy,” said Gaurav Suri, Chief Executive Officer at Arcesium. “We’re excited to bring this platform to market and continue to help our clients achieve better outcomes.”

“Data is a core pillar of our industry’s transformational architecture,” said Gavin Little-Gill, Head of Investments & Securities at Aite-Novarica Group. “Technology innovations are enabling new ways of mastering data and other efforts to modernize how organizations share data across applications and business functions.”

“This is a significant step forward in the evolution of data management technology. We engineered Aquata to allow firms to put their data into production and seamlessly integrate it with their own ecosystem or with Arcesium’s operational platform,” said Bryan Dougherty, Arcesium’s Head of Product and Technology. “The result is clean and organized data flowing exactly where our clients need it.”

The platform’s distinctive name speaks to its strengths, with “Aqua-” alluding to fluidity and openness. The “quata” suffix evokes references to both quantifying and data – elements fundamental to the industry’s success. Combining these components creates Aquata: a powerful data platform built to acquire insights for successful decision-making.

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About Arcesium LLC

Arcesium is a global financial technology company delivering pre- and post-investment and enterprise data management solutions to some of the world’s most sophisticated financial institutions, including hedge funds, banks, institutional asset managers, and private equity firms. Expertly designed to achieve a synchronized golden source of data throughout a client’s ecosystem, Arcesium’s cloud-native technology is built to systematize the most complex workflows and help clients achieve scale.

Today, Arcesium services over $675 billion in global client AUM with a staff of over 1,800 software engineering, accounting, operations, and treasury professionals. Arcesium was built from a platform developed and tested by investment and technology development firm, the D. E. Shaw group, and launched as a joint venture with Blackstone Alternative Asset Management. J.P. Morgan, another large client, later made a strategic investment in the company, helping Arcesium further its mission: to power the entire investment lifecycle.

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