Treasury Management

Arcesium’s Treasury Suite, collateral management, and portfolio finance capabilities help you navigate complexity in today’s evolving financial services industry by providing sophisticated tools designed to manage exposure, improve funding decisions, and streamline operations.

Maximize Your Capital Efficiency, Enhance Returns, & Minimize Risk

Manage funding sources, supervise counterparties, and evaluate yield enhancement opportunities from a superior vantage point. Arcesium’s Treasury Suite presents a comprehensive “house view” of complex margin and financing agreements to help you transform your treasury management function.

Empowering the Financial Services Industry

Arcesium’s treasury toolkit and services are relied upon by many of the industry’s most sophisticated firms to make complex decisions and optimize operations.

Unifying all of your data

For Institutional Asset Managers

Arcesium’s Treasury Suite is an advanced decision-making toolkit designed for institutional asset managers looking to modernize their treasury management workflows. Enhance process control so that you can focus on driving revenue and retention.

Optimize Cash & Asset-Based Debit Financing

Verify accuracy with independent financing calculators that compute interest accruals for asset-based debit financing and cross-currency surplus balances.

Manage Securities Lending & Rate Renegotiations

Process rate and availability files from your counterparties and calculate the impact against your positions on a daily basis.

Improve Multi-Asset Collateral Allocation

Configure unique models to independently replicate the individually negotiated terms for each counterparty agreement.

Oversee & Manage Counterparties

View counterparty exposure from the parent level down to the legal entity and agreement level.

Achieve & Maintain UMR Compliance

Seamlessly incorporate new SIMM calculations, CRIF file creation, and two-way reconciliation workflows into day-to-day treasury activities.

Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Access granular fund- and agreement-level margin and collateral data to proactively manage call requirements and optimize financing costs. Leverage Dynamic Document Studio's near zero-touch data sourcing and self-service capabilities to design, automate, and scale the production of a variety of treasury reports, such as collateral, financing, and cash balance reporting.

Reduce Information Asymmetry and Gain Valuable Insights

Arcesium’s treasury capabilities and services are engineered to create a centralized view that holistically represents all information so you can effectively manage treasury requirements, act more proactively, and increase value to your firm.

Monitor Your Borrowing

Arcesium’s Treasury Suite features a securities lending and borrowing tool that parses rate and availability from various counterparties and calculates the impact against client positions daily.

Clarify Counterparties’ Complex Financing Agreements

View your counterparty exposure at the parent level down to the legal entity and agreement level, incorporating master netting agreements and parent company guarantees where applicable.

Manage Your Exposure

Treasury Suite’s independent calculators facilitate ‘what if’ scenario analysis, allowing you to determine optimal allocations for any theoretical situation.

Oversee Cost of Financing & Capital Usage

Interest and financing replication for highly complex agreements give you the ability to minimize performance drag from inefficient financing.

Prepare for Shifting Market Cycles

Counterparty oversight, hedging, and revenue- and spread-tracking functions help you monitor return on assets (ROA) and manage counterparty risk.

Automate Complex Reporting

Integrate with Dynamic Document Studio’s self-service, reusable template builder to seamlessly generate margin, financing, and collateral reports for clients, management, and regulatory requirements.

Proven to Impact Your Bottom Line


in excess margin successfully disputed and recalled annually


realized in debit-balance optimization savings annually


in incorrect interest charges clawed back for clients annually


agreements supported daily


wires processed monthly

Discover the difference Arcesium can make for your business

Arcesium’s technology is designed by industry professionals, built to streamline your processes, enhance data accuracy, and empower your business decisions. Unlock the full potential of your investment operations and set a new standard for efficiency and growth in the investment industry.