Managed Services

Arcesium complements our comprehensive technology platforms with dedicated teams of experienced Financial Operations professionals to help solve our clients’ most complex investment lifecycle challenges. Our global teams work in unison with our software in a variety of co-managed or fully managed service options.

Synchronize Your Technology with Expert Financial Operations Professionals

Our managed services are tailored to your unique needs, helping you achieve operational efficiency and scalability with streamlined solutions supporting your entire investment lifecycle.

Empowering the Financial Services Industry

Through client-defined thresholds and configurable agreements, our service engagements suit your specific requirements with a complete, controlled, and well-organized solution.

For Institutional Asset Managers

Arcesium’s flexible solutions help institutional asset managers scale their operations and mitigate risk, allowing them to focus on generating returns and deepening client relationships.

Uniquely Designed Solution

Define your own thresholds and configure your service agreements to create a complete, well-organized solution for your business.

Centralized Workflows

Access real-time status updates and benefit from the combined expertise of our Financial Operations professionals, who work with clients as an extension of their in-house teams.

Superior Knowledge & Expertise

Benefit from the experience of our dedicated teams of accounting, operations, treasury, and data management professionals.

Engage Our Expert Professionals for a Head Start

By delivering solutions via the cloud, our professionals are available to work hand-in-hand with clients in a simple, secure, and transparent environment.

Data Management

Eliminate data inconsistencies by engaging our Data Management Services to perform tasks that are critical to cleansing and maintaining data quality, including installing data checks and controls and managing exceptions.

Reconciliation Support

Confidently manage high volumes, multiple counterparties, and complex asset classes with Reconciliation Services tailored to produce accurate, reliable asset records that fit your specific business requirements.

Treasury Expertise

Engage our Treasury Services professionals to oversee financing counterparties, facilitating your distinctive funding needs across various multi-strategy and multi-asset class portfolios.

P&L Oversight

Efficiently manage your accounting data with strong P&L production and allocation controls, complemented by the support and guidance of our experienced professionals.

Key Advantages

Flexible Deployment

Our co-sourcing relationships with clients distinguish our bespoke, consultative approach. We offer flexible service engagements ranging from one professional to full-scale team support.

Experienced Industry Specialists

Benefit from the combined expertise of our data management, treasury, reconciliation, and accounting professionals so that you can focus on what matters most to your business.

24/5 Global Presence

Our teams around the world give our clients a head start on daily processes. Deliverables are typically completed before markets open in all major geographies.

Discover the difference Arcesium can make for your business

Arcesium’s technology is designed by industry professionals, built to streamline your processes, enhance data accuracy, and empower your business decisions. Unlock the full potential of your investment operations and set a new standard for efficiency and growth in the investment industry.