Arcesium Brings Precision to Posttrade Analysis

June 6, 2024
News Release

Bloomberg Data License Plus made available via Arcesium

Bloomberg’s Data License Plus (DL+) solution is now available through data and operations technology provider Arcesium’s advanced operations platform.

By integrating DL+ content into their daily workflows through the Arcesium platform, mutual clients will benefit from more efficient and streamlined data management capabilities, Arcesium said.

Users will be able to provide their downstream consumers with data acquired from multiple delivery channels and linked together, Arcesium explained, gaining access to more than 275 Bloomberg Bulk Data License datasets.

DL+ includes information on more than 70 million securities and 40,000 data fields across areas including reference, pricing and regulatory.

Alex Dobson, US head of product at Arcesium, commented: “Today’s investment managers are working with copious amounts of market data. By eliminating the need to manage data, mutual clients of Bloomberg and Arcesium will be able to save valuable time, reduce the risk of errors, and optimise the cost of ownership of their technology stacks.”

Don Huff, global head of client services at Bloomberg data management services, added: “Our commitment to providing our customers with transparency and accessibility when it comes to their use of data includes working with advanced operational platforms such as Arcesium. This [collaboration] eliminates time and resource expenditure for future data consumption efforts, enhancing the value of this data throughout the enterprise.”

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