Arcesium Brings Precision to Posttrade Analysis

June 6, 2024
News Release

Arcesium partners with Bloomberg to make DL+ available

Arcesium has expanded its collaboration with Bloomberg in an effort to make Bloomberg’s data management solution, Data License Plus (DL+), available via Arcesium's advanced operations platform.

The partnership aims to provide mutual customers with more efficient and streamlined data management capabilities.

The companies say DL+ should allow mutual customers to quickly provide their downstream consumers with consistent data, synchronously acquired from multiple delivery channels and linked together, unlocking quick and efficient access to over 275 Bloomberg Bulk Data License datasets.

Alex Dobson, head of product, US at Arcesium, says: “By eliminating the need to manage data, mutual clients of Bloomberg and Arcesium will be able to save valuable time, reduce the risk of errors, and optimise the cost of ownership of their technology stacks. Our collaboration with Bloomberg’s DL+ solution enables clients to consume Bloomberg’s Bulk and Per Security data sets inside the Arcesium operating platform to enhance workflow efficiency.”

Don Huff, global head of client services at Bloomberg Data Management Services, comments: “We’re excited that our mutual customers now have access to the synchronous acquisition and seamless management of Bloomberg Data License Per Security and Bulk datasets, and Bloomberg and multi-vendor ESG data. This eliminates time and resource expenditure for future data consumption efforts, enhancing the value of this data throughout the enterprise.”