Buy-side asset managers are exposed to and have copious amounts of data on every conceivable aspect of their investment operations.

With incredible volumes of data, investors must address key issues:

  • The necessity of aggregated data with a single source of truth
  • Cloud-implementation and the desire for agile, adjustable, and scalable data platforms
  • Ever-changing regulatory landscapes and concerns around futureproofing and lowered TCO
  • The shift from a traditional build model to a model where firms buy and build on top

Over the past decade, there have been many developments in the practices and debates around data platforms and managed service solutions. Given the sheer volume of data and the effort required to cull and curate it – as well as how central data is to supporting core business operations – more companies are turning to modern financial data platforms and managed services providers to optimize how they manage their data and operations.

Key Insights:

  • Why Modern Data Platforms Are a Must-Have
    A Q&A with Arcesium’s Mahesh Narayan on data management strategies for asset managers
  • Trends in Data Management
    A roundtable discussion with Matt Gould, Russell Newman, Paul Fahey, and Mahesh Narayan on shifts in data management practices and how firms are responding
  • How Asset Managers Are Executing Their Data Strategies
    An interview with Stuart Gunderson on current pain points and potential solutions for asset managers





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