A market use case on how Arcesium’s capabilities empower institutional asset managers to transform enterprise data management.


Modernizing and Scaling Platforms
A modern, cloud-native platform with advanced data management capabilities

Integrating Easy-to-Use Features
Advanced capabilities such as data ingest, data quality processes, and data governance

Lowering Total Cost of Ownership
A flexible solution that grows with an institutional asset manager’s business


By some estimates, close to 40 percent of institutional asset managers rely on enterprise data management (EDM) platforms that are no longer fit for purpose. Leading organizations must be ready to nimbly enter new asset classes, support the launch of new investment products, and enable comprehensive reporting and data. To achieve that goal, institutions must be able to connect data vendors efficiently, bring in new datasets, support advanced data transformation capabilities, and access comprehensive data governance tools.


By partnering with Arcesium, institutions can leverage our platform to access out-of-the-box connectivity with data vendors and external platforms, powerful data mastering capabilities, and self-service tools. In addition, Arcesium’s robust API surface for custom integration as well as our scalable, cloud-native delivery helps to significantly lower the total cost of ownership of an enterprise data management solution.


Modern data platforms offer an attractive alternative as asset managers work to solve their legacy re-platforming challenges. Cloud-native and SaaS-based data platforms bring an enhanced set of enterprise data management capabilities. In addition, they also shorten implementation time frames and provide consumption-based pricing to optimize total cost of ownership.

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