A market use case on how Arcesium’s data platform, Aquata, enables business growth and scale for asset managers through effective data transformation across their middle- and back-office functions.


Synchronized Source of TruthSynchronized Source of Truth
Integrate displaced data systems and sources to manage volumes of data

Cohesive Data Platform Built to ScaleCohesive Data Platform Built to Scale
Enable growth by expanding into new markets

Access to Portfolio InsightsAccess to Portfolio Insights
Derive more value from granular insights into performance drivers


Efficiently managing data can be the difference between success and failure of an institutional asset manager. Do they have the tools in place to scale the business? How are they handling disparate data sources to ensure data is clean and normalized? Bigger datasets increase the costs and efforts needed to maintain them. As a result, complex pools of data are being aggregated and managed manually within Excel spreadsheets. This creates more work and increases the likelihood of errors.


Aquata provides seamless front-to-back integration, processing, and harmonization of investment lifecycle data. Streamlined workflows optimize efficiency and empower teams with analytics and insights capabilities to inform growth strategies for their portfolios. Unified data supports more robust investment analyses, decreasing costs to generate alpha.


A modern, cloud-based investment data platform like Aquata empowers asset managers to innovate and expand their business by removing the burden of data restrictions and maximizing cost effectiveness. Firms can keep up with increasing volumes of data whilst growing their business by equipping themselves now to handle future product support and use cases.

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