A market use case on how Arcesium’s data platform delivers agility and scalability to institutional asset managers.


unified_data_platformIntegrating a Scalable, Unified Data Platform
Sophisticated SaaS platform to enhance data, operations, and analytic

data_stewardshipEstablishing a Data Stewardship Model
Strong governance model that increases trust in data and access to a single point of truth

harmonizing_dataHarmonizing Data
Enrich foundational data to turn valuable information into actionable intelligence


For many institutional asset managers, the growth of product offerings, accrued organically or through M&A, has given rise to disparate and rigid systems. With multiple integration points and a lack of interoperability, fragmented technology can reveal dormant business, regulatory, and competitive risks that hinder growth.

What’s more, duplication of activities and a lack of automation result in a high total cost of ownership for systems no longer fit for purpose. Facing higher operating and regulatory costs, and a lower fee environment, firms are on the hunt for tailored solutions to position their business for the future.


As firms explore new strategies, manage expansion, and increase M&A to build scale and diversify products, Arcesium partners with asset managers to turn inefficient, ad-hoc systems into a contemporary solution that drives agility. Our unified data platform’s inherent, out-of-the-box awareness spans asset classes, lifecycle events, and geographies to modernize and scale operations, accelerate analytics and reporting, and deliver in-depth business insights.


As institutional asset managers seek differentiated business outcomes, a partnership with Arcesium delivers a data-rich foundation to power their end-to-end investment lifecycle across public and private markets. With Arcesium’s data-first technology, we help asset managers:

  • Integrate data to arrive at a single point of truth
  • Minimize costs and focus on core strengths
  • Future proof their business

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