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Arcesium’s Financial Data Stack is a series of rapidly deployed, highly configurable modular technology products that are easily integrated with each other and with other systems. With tools for mastering, storing and distributing relevant data sets, Financial Data Stack empowers clients to make critical business decisions from a single source of truth.

Leverage Financial Data Stack to:


  • Capture and store data from any internal or third-party system, market data vendor or counterparty.
  • Organize, interrogate, and validate all data sets to create a single source of truth for the entire organization.


  • Automate and streamline the flow of a firm’s investment, accounting, and operational data, ensuring the entire organization is operating from a single source of truth.
  • Swiftly bring new systems live by meeting complex data requirements in reduced timeframes.


  • Manage millions of fills, orders and other transaction types and enrich that activity with other reference data while rapidly distributing to external counterparties and downstream systems.
  • Support the needs of multi-asset class trading desks and quantitative managers with real-time and historical data for advanced analysis and modeling.
  • Confidently support evolving regulatory and internal reporting needs through high quality, consistent data that is auditable and readily available.

Design Your Own Data Solution

Business Process Monitoring

  • Data Import Manager
  • Market Data Adapters
  • OMS Integration
  • Report Manager
  • API Library
  • Price Master
  • Security Master &
    Corporate Actions
  • Trade & Transaction
  • Real-time Position
  • Data Warehouse
  • Core Global Reference Data
    • Global calendars
    • Accounts
    • Legal entities
    • Strategies
    • Portfolios
    • Counterparties
  • Wires & SSI Management
  • Trade Communication, Matching & Affirmation
  • Corporate Actions Workflow Management
  • Reconciliation
  • Data Validation Tools

Seamlessly Integrate Financial Data Stack Modules Into Your Environment

The Financial Data Stack, including its robust underlying data model, can be integrated into any front, middle, or back office technology, including Arcesium’s other modules. Clients can access all datasets in the Financial Data Stack programmatically via APIs or through our modern user interface. API libraries are available in Java, C#, Python, and all APIs are also accessible as RESTful web services.

Security Master

The Arcesium Security Master offers a robust, out-of-the-box data model, with pre-configured adapters to integrate with a large number of industry-standard data providers and provides a high degree of flexibility to meet each individual client’s requirements. The result is an easy-to-onboard Security Master, designed to support the needs of any firm.

Technologists and business users gain the flexibility to add custom fields and attributes, to define custom data validations, and to access and visualize the entire data lifecycle, from raw source data to mastered data through to the distribution of data to other internal systems. Built on the principles of master data management, Arcesium’s Security Master includes full, bi-temporal support for every attribute and data point, all of which are all accessible programmatically via API or Arcesium’s modern user interface.

Price Master

Arcesium’s Price Master is a comprehensive solution for managers seeking a single, validated golden price for internal reporting and use throughout their firm. Capable of supporting any asset class, for any strategy, the Price Master can help facilitate and ensure full adherence to the most complex pricing policies.

The Price Master includes pre-built adapters for all major third-party market data sources and can accommodate broker marks as well as complex model based pricing. The application allows for different hierarchies by fund, strategy, and asset class, supports the FAS leveling process, incorporates global holiday calendars, and offers workflow support for validation and comparison of prices.

Access to all data is available via our web-based user interface and programmatically through our comprehensive API library.

Transaction Master

Arcesium’s Transaction Master offers real-time access to all trade and position data, either through our highly organized, searchable user interface or programmatically via the API library.

The Arcesium Transaction Master will source trade and fill data from any trade source, including proprietary and third-party OMS providers, Swaps Execution Facilities, FIX, and even manual bookings. Designed to support any asset class in near real-time, the Transaction Master’s flexible integration capabilities provide managers with the tools and workflows needed to create a single, normalized version of the truth.

Data Warehouse

In today’s world where data is a currency, investment firms must increasingly explore ways to better organize and store both structured and unstructured data sets for a variety of investment and non-investment purposes. As firms mature, they often have legacy data warehouses that require substantial maintenance but are no longer strategic to the organization.

The Arcesium Data Warehouse is capable of supporting any data type, from any source. Designed thoughtfully to meet each client’s unique needs, clients benefit from a fully hosted, highly customized product built for scale. All data is stored bi-temporally and available programmatically via API.

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