A Unified Platform Serving Public and Private Markets Integration

Case Study

Case Study Highlights

Public & Private Data Unification

Enhance operational workflows and investment lifecycle management

Complex Fund Metrics Automated

Access key data points and enhance precision through systematic calculations

Multidimensional Analytics

Optimize data analyses for internal, client, and regulatory purposes

A market use case on how Arcesium’s sophisticated technology supports the integration of public and private markets investments.


As investment firms diversify their portfolios – particularly with higher allocations to private capital – they face stringent regulatory compliance, new fiduciary responsibilities, and greater demands for more transparency. This convergence of public and private markets heightens the complexity for investing firms to amalgamate information from numerous incongruent systems, and fulfill reporting and transparency requirements. Today’s investment managers need a better way to manage and track data across both market types.


Easier access to private investments through secondary exchanges and platforms, and higher allocations to alternatives, are driving similarities between private and public markets.1 As a result, firms need a solution to cohesively manage cross-market data and analyze performance across private and public strategies. Arcesium’s data platform, AquataTM, solves for these challenges through seamless ingress of multiple datasets to provide a unified view of portfolio assets and advanced fund- and investor-level analytics. Drilldown into underlying exposures, leverage dynamic calculation of IRR, NAV and fees, track LP commitments, and run powerful aggregated reporting — all within a single, consolidated user interface.

1.The Convergence of Public and Private: Putting Private Markets First, Forbes 2022


Investors leveraging private markets strategies to attain higher yields through diversification are fueling the convergence of private and public markets. Aquata is purpose-built to unify data across private and public portfolios to derive more meaningful insight from the outset. Firms can fulfill investor and regulatory requirements with striking visualization and reporting capabilities, and achieve operational efficiency through a centralized system with integrated analyses across private and public investments.

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