Transforming Enterprise Data Management

Case Study

Case Study Highlights

Modernizing and Scaling Platforms

A modern, cloud-native platform with advanced data management capabilities

Integrating Easy-to-Use Features

Advanced capabilities such as data ingest, data quality processes, and data governance

Lowering Total Cost of Ownership

A flexible solution that grows with an institutional asset manager’s business

A market use case on how Arcesium’s capabilities empower institutional asset managers to transform enterprise data management.


Institutional asset managers are increasingly launching multi-manager strategies for broader investment products and access to external manager expertise. Yet, operational processes and infrastructure often do not support multiple portfolio managers pursuing diverse strategies within a single fund product.


Leveraging our integrated data warehouse and extensive integration capabilities, Arcesium helps institutional asset managers launch, integrate, and grow multi-manager strategies. Highly configurable capabilities enable institutions to integrate with external OMS, aggregate information, and power analytics and reporting. Ultimately, organizations are in a stronger position to take control of their data.


Partnering with Arcesium provides support for day-to-day operations of robust multi-manager strategies, helping institutions support tens of thousands of trades per day across multiple accounts and books of external managers. With extensive asset class coverage, data aggregation, and an extensible platform, Arcesium enables asset managers to future-proof their growth objectives.

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