Optimizing Operations for Accelerated Settlement

Case Study

Case Study Highlights

Optimized and Scalable Pre- and Post-Trade Settlement

Rapid resolution of trade breaks minimizes trade fails, and successfully achieve same day affirmations. 

Outsourced Operational Risk 

Significantly reduce settlement risk, regulatory risk, and reputational risk and comply with T+1 settlement requirements.

Financial Operations Advantage 

Professionals with industry experience and knowledge increase operational efficiency and handle all aspects of post-trade processing across asset classes for accelerated settlement. 

Market Challenge

The financial industry is subject to evolving regulatory requirements and the upcoming transition from T+2 to T+1 settlement is one such significant change. This shift compels hedge funds to optimize their operations to meet the tighter settlement deadlines and ensure compliance with T+1 settlement regulations. However, in-house teams may lack the necessary bandwidth, expertise, or technology to handle higher operational demands associated with T+1 settlement.  

Arcesium's Solution

Arcesium’s Managed Services team is made up of financial operations professionals with many years of experience executing post-trade operations, including pre-settlement tasks, daily. To meet the needs of the hedge fund industry, Arcesium’s Managed Services team and technologies provide:

  • Industry Experts to Provide Scalability 
  • Efficient Trade Affirmation, Matching, and Confirmations 
  • Outsourced Operational Risk 

Market Benefits

Managed services providing financial operations offer a viable solution for hedge funds seeking to ensure compliance with T+1 settlement requirements. Managed Services can help firms optimize their operations, achieve compliance, enhance efficiency, and allow them to focus on core investment activities. 

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