Modernizing Technology for New Business Strategies

Case Study

Case Study Highlights

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Realize value quickly by leveraging a purpose-built solution

Democratize Data

Centralize data and enable access for teams and users

Empower and Scale

Equip teams and individuals with intuitive data management tools

Accelerating Time-to-Market 

A market use case on how the decision of buying vs. building a data management solution accelerated time-to-market for an asset manager. 

Market Challenge

Modernizing technology infrastructure is integral to supporting new business strategies and resolving data management challenges. Yet, many asset managers face a common dilemma of whether to build in-house or purchase off-the-shelf software to address their growing and disparate data volumes. 

Arcesium's Solution

Arcesium’s comprehensive data platform AquataTM is designed to optimize data management for the investment industry. Built by financial domain experts, Arcesium combines the essential elements for managing investment lifecycle data and beyond with:  

  • Preconfigured data models and connectivity 
  • Sophisticated data transformation and data quality  
  • Control mechanisms for entitlements 
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools 

Market Benefits 

The ability to quickly deploy new data sources and leverage intuitive and automative reporting capabilities affords asset managers more agility in responding to evolving client needs and regulatory requirements. 

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