Leveraging Fully Managed Middle- and Back-Office Services

Case Study

Case Study Highlights

Centralized Workflows for Greater Efficiencies

Lower total cost of ownership in middle- and back-office operations

Native Integration with Third-Party Solutions

External data sources to support a complex landscape

Purpose-built modern financial data platform

Cloud-native capabilities to support operating, technology, and data needs

A market use case on how Arcesium’s data platform combined with fully-managed services enable institutional asset managers to build, scale, and optimize operations.

Market Challenge

Heightened pressure on profits is forcing asset managers to re-evaluate non-differentiated services, including reconciliations, performance, fund and compliance reporting, wires, and corporate actions management. As institutions assess operations, the underlying processes require effective data governance, data accessibility, and data provenance.  Asset managers are demanding capabilities that deliver economies of scale, support growth and fluctuations in volumes, and minimize total cost of ownership. 


Arcesium’s global teams of Managed Services professionals work in unison with our technology to help asset managers optimize their middle- to back-office operations. Front-office integration, accounting integration, and automated security master feeds enable institutions to enhance information accuracy. Native integration with third-party performance and risk tools streamline processes and the exchange of data.


By partnering with Arcesium to implement fully managed middle- and back-office services, institutions enhance the elasticity and scalability of their platforms, while also gaining the agility to support growth, enhance risk management practices, and modernize their data management.

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