Enabling Business Growth Through Self-Service Solutions

Case Study

Case Study Highlights

Upskill Digital Talent

Self-service technologies drive successful talent retention and acquisition

Strengthen Data Governance

Purpose-built tools enhance data quality and instill confidence in data accuracy

Democratize Data

Central access to actionable insights to inform decision-making

A market use case on how modern, self-service technologies enable business growth and scale by empowering investment talent with access to data and tools for generating analyses and insights.


Digitized self-service is ubiquitous in our daily lives through technologies like ATMs, vending machines, and kiosks. Data is increasingly being placed in the hands of users, enabling them to continuously make informed decisions based on new information. This trend extends to the workplace, where employees seek organizations that embrace digital innovation. However, many investment firms struggle to extract meaningful insights from the ever-increasing volumes and speed at which data is generated. Business users prefer to find answers to questions themselves, but traditional methods of data access impede agility and prevent firms from capitalizing on market opportunities.


To foster a data-driven culture and enable self-service analytics, it is crucial to enhance data accessibility, accountability, and reinforce data governance practices across the organization. Designed with the user in mind, self-service is at the core of Arcesium’s data platform, Aquata™. A modern, cloud-based, and investment domain-aware solution with intuitive, graphical interfaces to navigate investment data and workflows, Aquata features an array of self-service data modeling and analysis functionality that enables firms to flexibly scale as their business and data needs grow.


Arming teams with the tools to explore and generate insights from mountains of data drives motivation through enhanced data literacy, and creativity – all while capitalizing on data as an asset. Firms can leverage Aquata’s self-service capabilities to empower investment talent that seek to be digital innovators and retain desired skillsets in a highly competitive environment. A data-driven, self-service strategy can successfully enhance both the user and customer experience by accelerating access to actionable insights that influence and shape new products, strategies, and business outcomes

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