Creating a Single Source of Truth Across Alternative Investment Portfolios

Case Study

Case Study Highlights

A Modular Operational Solution for Alternative Investments

Cloud-native middle- and back-office technology uniquely designed to model private asset classes, and process data flows

A Single Source of Truth for the Investments Lifecycle

Data integrated from multiple sources are harmonized to deliver a golden copy accessible across the organization

A Unified View Across Multi-Assets Portfolios

Simplified access to portfolio data and underlying investments to generate dynamic views and custom reporting

A market use case on how modern, cloud-based technologies can harmonize data to streamline middle- and back-office operations and optimize alternative investment processes.


In today’s climate of economic uncertainty, investment managers seeking new opportunities and enhanced returns strategically turn to private markets. Due to their esoteric and illiquid nature, investment firms face significant challenges in effectively managing data across diverse portfolios.


Arcesium’s Financial Data Stack and operations solutions deliver a cloud-native, integrative platform to manage the investment lifecycle for alternatives. From modeling investments to tracking capital activity and performance, the Financial Data Stack is designed to streamline data operations and workflows.


A single source of truth for portfolio and investments lifecycle data allows firms to scale their business and better manage resources. Harmonized middle- and back-office workflows feed custom reporting capabilities to help firms advance their responses to investor inquiries and meet regulatory requirements.

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