A Powerful NAV Oversight Solution for Private Markets

Case Study

Case Study Highlights

Streamline Processing

Support net asset value (NAV) oversight across multiple administrators

On-Demand Access to Information

Connect stakeholders to their data in real time

Transparent and Consistent NAV Validation

A technology solution for seamless data ingestion, stronger quality control, and data aggregation

How Arcesium’s data-first technology helps transform the NAV oversight process. 


For many firms, NAV oversight can be a taxing quarter-end process where Finance, Operations, and adjacent teams invest hundreds of hours collecting information and performing manual tasks. Outsourcing the process can create additional complications as questions arise on the accuracy of fund NAV calculation. 

In addition to data management challenges, tight deadlines, growing regulatory standards, an expanding investor base, and complex fund products have pushed asset managers to seek a digital solution that provides scale and auditability.


Engineered with intelligent data quality controls and transparent, consistent NAV validations, Arcesium’s data platform helps automate the NAV oversight process. Our cost-reducing, data-first technology empowers our clients to trust the accuracy of key financial exercises and redirect business teams to focus on higher value initiatives and other core firm processes. 

To meet the needs of the private markets industry, our NAV Oversight solution provides: 

  • Robust data ingestion 
  • Top-down NAV reconciliation 
  • Workflow transparency


By using Arcesium’s capabilities that support NAV Oversight, firms can focus on strategic business priorities and critical tasks instead of spending time on data ingestion, quality assurance, data organization, and manual validation. 

Key advantages: 

  • Mitigate risk and key person dependencies 
  • Increase accuracy and streamline the NAV review process 
  • Conduct full or partial shadow NAV  
  • Reduce cost conducting periodic oversight 

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