The Arcesium Platform

A comprehensive and fully integrated technology platform combined with a team of experienced hedge fund professionals designed to solve the most complex post-trade challenges of asset managers.

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Why Arcesium?

Scale Without Giving Up Control

Arcesium is a post-trade technology and professional services firm. We offer a new way for hedge fund managers to scale their business while maintaining control of critical non-investment activities. Arcesium combines a comprehensive and fully integrated technology platform with a team of experienced hedge fund professionals to solve the most complex post-trade challenges of asset managers. From real-time integration with order management systems to robust and automated oversight of third-party administrators, Arcesium offers managers an elegant, unified, and expert solution for their entire post-trade process.

Data You Can Trust

Arcesium is committed to ensuring data in our environment is secure, transparent, consistent, and highly accurate down to the most granular level. To that end, we have allocated significant financial, technological, and human capital to big-data management. The result is that Arcesium delivers critical information within our environment and across our clients’ entire IT ecosystems in a reliable, consistent, and completely transparent way. By creating a single, authoritative source, Arcesium eliminates inconsistencies between disparate systems, uncertainties about which is the “right” data, and the need for clients to maintain big in-house teams to scrub information and run duplicative reconciliations.

Seamless Support

At the heart of Arcesium’s model is our unique co-sourcing relationship with clients. By delivering our solution via the cloud, our dedicated accounting, operations, treasury, and data management professionals are able to work hand-in-hand with clients in a simple, secure, and completely transparent environment. Clients have full access to real-time information, from any location, and complete control over a highly sophisticated software solution, while benefitting from the expertise of our professional services staff, working in unison with clients as a virtual extension of their in-house teams.

Cloud-based and Secure

Arcesium clients receive a unique instance of the Arcesium software on a dedicated virtual private cloud via Amazon Web Services, which separates each client’s data while delivering the key advantages of cloud-computing: flexible processing and scalable infrastructure, state of the art information security, a strong BCP/DR solution, and the avoidance of costly upgrades and constant maintenance.

Enabling Growth

A partnership with Arcesium allows our clients’ non-investment teams to become more efficient and frees them to focus on higher-level business issues. By building this operational capacity for our clients, Arcesium empowers them to support new strategies, new capital, and new regulatory requirements without additional headcount or technology spend.

Advanced Technology

Arcesium's technology is designed to optimize the daily and monthly middle- and back-office processes of alternative asset managers.

The entire technology stack is built on the principles of master data management, incorporates modern API accessibility and data warehousing technologies, and is delivered to our clients via a web-based user interface. Our proprietary software is configured for each client to allow us to support the most complex operational demands, while also seamlessly integrating with each client's existing systems and infrastructure.

Experienced Professionals

The Arcesium team has decades of combined experience in the alternative asset management industry and knows how to meet the needs of our clients, including the requirement to adapt quickly in an ever-changing environment. We help our clients optimize their organizational footprint so that they can focus on generating alpha.

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