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PerformASM, Arcesium’s performance allocations module, is designed to simplify the accounting process by modeling various fund and investor class structures, tracking allocations down to the investor level, and automating complex management and incentive fee calculations. The sophisticated solution is engineered to reduce risk, cost, and manual error associated with typical spreadsheet-based fund accounting.

Developed to seamlessly integrate into any technology environment, PerformA centralizes portfolio and investor accounting activities in one place, offering users complete transparency into their data at a granular level.

Reduce Risk and Save Time with Arcesium’s Automated Workflows

From entity relationships to fee methodologies to multi-asset funds, investor accounting can become complicated. PerformA simplifies the process of performing complex allocations by automating workflows and calculations so that users can focus on higher-level analysis.

Advanced Accounting Support for all Fund Structure Types

Navigating intricate P&L allocations, waterfall calculations, and complex fund structures can be challenging. PerformA models sophisticated entity structures so that users can accurately track accounting activities across all fund types in a controlled, auditable system. Investor returns are tracked at granular levels to support intricate calculations, including waterfalls, hurdle rates, and custom benchmarks.

Unlock Insights with Systematic Access to Data

PerformA offers both visibility and systematic access into accurate datasets through Arcesium’s modern interface and API library. Data is easily integrated between PerformA and other systems, eliminating time-consuming, manual data entry. By providing direct access to datasets and Arcesium’s visualization tools, we enable managers to focus on higher value activities, such as run advanced analytics or perform time-series analysis.

Management & Incentive Fee Methodologies

PerformA’s independent, configurable calculators empower users with the confidence that they are charging accurate fees. Arcesium systematically models complexity, automating even the most intricate management, incentive, and administrator fee methodology calculations.

Investor Level Reporting & Returns

Flexible reporting available for any time period or investor accounting methodology

Managers looking to analyze investor balances can pull information directly from PerformA without querying their fund administrator. Leveraging Arcesium’s user-defined fields and Data Analytics & Visualization product, users can unlock additional accessibility and transparency into their key information, such as performance indicators, capital ownerships, and class, series, investor, or master-feeder balances.

Engage Our Expert Professionals for a Head Start

Arcesium Financial Operations reduces the burden on managers’ portfolio and investor accounting teams. Arcesium’s global teams are available to complement our software with a host of co- or fully-managed services. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in the operational knowledge necessary to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of key investor accounting workflows.

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