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Arcesium’s Treasury Suite is the most advanced toolkit available for Treasurers and Portfolio Finance professionals to make optimal funding and collateral allocation decisions. Arcesium creates an imperative "house view" of complex margin and financing agreements to effectively manage exposure and funding sources, supervise counterparties, and evaluate yield enhancement opportunities.

Optimize Multi-Asset Collateral Allocation

Starting with a robust library of existing margin calculators, Arcesium configures unique models designed to fully replicate the individually negotiated terms for each of our clients' prime brokers and counterparties.

Intuitive Treasury Suite dashboards enable clients to visualize data and to develop independent insights into counterparty margin calculations methodologies and associated penalties across their agreements. These independent calculations are automatically compared to counterparty-provided numbers, enabling the client to identify counterparty errors, effectively dispute margin calls, and make informed decisions for optimal collateral allocations.

Optimize Cash & Asset-Based Debit Financing

Arcesium's financing calculators independently compute interest accruals for asset-based debit financing and cross-currency surplus balances. The Treasury Suite's dashboards and reports alert managers to net debit optimization opportunities, including security-level counterparty allocations.

Manage Securities Lending & Borrowing Rates and Renegotiations

On a daily basis, Arcesium’s Securities Lending and Borrowing application parses rate and availability files from various counterparties and calculates the impact against client positions. Treasury Suite users can configure dashboards to highlight information meaningful to them, including borrow and lend opportunities by portfolio impact, pay-to-hold summaries, dividend yield enhancements, and excess borrow reporting. The application also supports the management of ongoing rate negotiations with a complete workflow.

Oversee and Manage Counterparties

Arcesium’s Treasury Suite provides clients views of their counterparty exposure at the parent level down to the legal entity and agreement level, incorporating master netting agreements and parent company guarantees where applicable.

Automate and Calculate Broker Wallet & ROA

Clients can utilize Arcesium’s broker wallet capabilities to track:

  • Explicit and implicit commissions
  • Financing revenue across swap, cash, and repo
  • Clearing and ticket fees
  • Various other revenue streams generated for counterparties

By layering client-specific assumptions about broker internalization onto this foundational information, our clients can generate an independent view of ROA for each of their counterparties.

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