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Arcesium’s Swaps Management solution provides clients a modern platform designed to dramatically simplify the post-trade lifecycle. Clients benefit from an elegant solution for modeling and managing swap portfolios that scales as volumes increase, new structures are traded, and esoteric counterparty terms are added.

Key Features

  • Real-time trade capture, position keeping, trade reporting and matching
  • Independent modeling of swap terms, for cleared and OTC instruments, including hundreds of financing and accrual methodologies
  • Support for a variety of structures, including CFDs, bullets, portfolio swaps, and the various flavors in between
  • Flexibility to track different financing spreads at the position or tax-lot level
  • Automated reset calculations with integrated multi-currency wire workflow
  • Multi-dimensional profit and loss attribution
  • Granular reconciliation of all swap components, including financing, mark-to-market, dividends, accruals, and yield enhancements
  • Independent margin calculations at the trade and portfolio level with integrated collateral management and call dispute workflow

Full Support for any Swap Instrument Structure

Engage Our Expert Professionals for a Head Start

On a daily basis, Arcesium's swap experts implement exceptionally nuanced counterparty agreements and manage the operations behind some of the most sophisticated, high-volume swap activities. More strategically, our professionals have executed a variety of large-scale initiatives, including global, multi-fund transitions to new financing structures and conversions to omnibus account structures for more efficient netting.

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