End-to-end reconciliation oversight delivered daily, no matter your trade volume.

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Arcesium’s powerful Reconciliation solution is designed for sophisticated managers looking to exit the reconciliation business while still maintaining complete control and oversight of the underlying process. When combined with our highly experienced operations teams, Arcesium’s comprehensive Reconciliation solution supports any asset class, currency, activity type, and dataset, whether structured or unstructured, across any time zone.

Powerful, Proven Technology

Arcesium is relied upon by some of the most complex asset managers in the world. Our technology is designed to source and normalize massive amounts of data from any counterparty, administrator, or client system.

Transparent, Live Access to Your Data

Arcesium manages connectivity to our clients’ counterparties and stores raw data files as well as normalized counterparty data, which are then made available to clients programmatically via API or the user interface.

Upgrade Decision Making with Data-Driven Insights & Reporting

Consistent with our philosophy of acting on data-driven insights, Arcesium’s Reconciliation solution analyzes highly granular data on activity and produces key metrics and metadata reports.

Engage Our Expert Professionals for a Head Start

Arcesium's teams of experienced hedge fund professionals across Hyderabad, India and New York City give clients a head start on daily processes, with typical client deliverables completed before markets open in all major geographies. Through client-defined thresholds and configurable service agreements, each client experience is uniquely designed to deliver a complete, controlled, and well-organized Arcesium Reconciliation solution.

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